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Warranty Terms


Wowcamera guarantees free repair service to products within the 12-month warranty period. 

Some products have 2 year warranty directly from the manufacturers, which will be mentioned on the product pages.


wowcamera warranty




Warranty Conditions


1. Wowcamera Service Department guarantees against any manufacturing defect of products for a 12-month period of warranty coverage.


2. Warranty service applies only if the customer provides purchase invoice of the product that fall within the specified warranty period.


3. The product must be acquired as new product but not via auction, resale, second hand, liquidation, etc.


4. Installation of all products (if required) has to be done by qualified personnel as approved by Wowcamera.


5. Wowcamera don’t provide home repair service, customer is expected to deliver and collect their products to and from the Wowcamera Authorized Service Centres.


6. Customer must present proof of purchase of the product (i.e. purchase invoice)  to validate warranty, the data that appears on the purchase invoice must match with the product data that is reported in Wowcamera system.


7. All parts that have been removed from the products after replacement by other parts during the repair service made are the property of Wowcamera. Wowcamera shall have the rights to handle those parts at its sole discretion.


8. Wowcamera reserves the right to terminate or modify the terms of warranty. For exceptional cases, subject to report of Wowcamera Authorized Service Centre’s investigation, Wowcamera reserves the right to terminate this warranty or modify terms of warranty policy


9. Wowcamera will not be liable for any loss directly or indirectly caused by the breakdown of product.


10. The warranty is restricted and applicable within Europe only.


11. Wowcamera and its Authorized Service Centres reserve the right to use new parts or factory remanufactured parts or other model of the products with function equivalent to the repaired product’s model when conducting product repairs and replacement.


12. Wowcamera shall not be liable to any loss of damage or system corruption incurred during the process of exploitation, repair or transportation to and from the Wowcamera Authorized Service Centres or due to events of force majeure or any accident



The followings damages are not covered under Warranty


Warranty will be voided under the following conditions, and Wowcamera reserves the right to refuse providing service and /or shall demand charges for any costs of servicing from customer:


1. Product has been modified or repaired outside of Wowcamera Service Centre.

2. Product has been mishandled, negligence , liquid damage, applying the wrong voltage, forces of nature or accident.

3. Installation maintenance of the product without following proper instruction from manufacturer.

4. The model number of the item code attached had been erased or modified.

5. The content of warranty policy has been modified without authorization.