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uk warranty

At WOWCamera we try and be clear and transparent on our warranty offering; which is why you won’t find any smaller font sizes on this page!

Warranties will guarantee products sold against manufacturing defects. The warranty length varies depending on the brand purchased, and unless otherwise stated on the product page, the below warranty timeframes will apply:



 apple logo


  2 Year UK Apple Warranty


 Samsung logo


  2 Year UK Samsung Warranty


 xperia logo


  2 Year UK Sony Warranty

  Sony Smartphone

LG logo


  2 Year UK Sony Warranty


Huawei logo


  2 Year UK Huawei Warranty



Google logo


 2 Year UK Google Warranty



HTC logo


  2 Year UK HTC Warranty




  1 Year UK Supplied Warranty


 Canon logo


  1 Year UK Supplied Warranty



Nikon logo


  1 Year UK Supplied Warranty





  1 Year UK Supplied Warranty

  Sony Photography




  1 Year UK Supplied Warranty




  1 Year UK Supplied Warranty






  Minimum 2 Year Worldwide




Our Warranty Conditions?


1. For any items with a 2-year warranty, please check on the manufacturers official websites for their specific terms and conditions.


2. For any items with a 1 Year UK Supplied Warranty, WOWCamera will refer customers to authorised repair centers within the UK to carry out repair work.


3. Warranty timeframes apply from the date the goods are delivered.


4. The warranty applies to new products only.


5. Repair of all products (if required) has to be done by qualified personnel approved by WOWCamera.


6. WOWCamera does not provide a home repair service; customers need to deliver and collect their products to and from the Authorised Service Centre’s provided by WOWCamera.


7. Customers must present proof of purchase of the product to validate warranty; the details on the purchase invoice and order number must match WOWCamera system records.


9. WOWCamera and its Authorised Service Centre’s reserve the right to use new parts, factory remanufactured or refurbished parts whilst carrying out warranty repairs.


11. The warranty only applies within the UK and ordinarily an item must be returned to the UK for any repair work.


12. WOWCamera will not be liable for any loss directly or indirectly incurred by defects in the products sold.


13. WOWCamera shall not be liable for any loss directly or indirectly incurred during the process of repair or transportation to and from the WOWCamera Authorised Service Centre’s or due to events of force majeure or any accidents.




What isn’t covered under Warranty?


14. Product/s that have been unnecessarily tampering with, including repair work carried out by unauthorised repairers


15. Product/s that have been mishandled and damaged due to negligence, liquid damage, applying the wrong voltage, forces of nature or accidents.


16. Software installation that causes defects due to deviation from manufacturer guidelines.

17. Any defects from product/s with modification or erasing of their IMEI code.


18. WOWCamera reserves the right to refuse providing warranty services and/or demand compensation for any costs incurred as a result of the repair work, investigation costs or transportation costs resulting from situations covered under terms 14, 15, 16 and 17.